Here we go again. Time to change up Dave Nicosia.com. I’m testing out my new theme framework using this site, so expect it to change frequently. I’m also still trying to figure out what this website is and what it will be moving forward.

For now, it’s just the playground of one affiliate marketer developing WordPress themes and plugins to help other affiliate marketers make more, faster & easier, and make a living in the process.

My Products

This is how I am working to support myself full time so I can FOCUS on this full time. The more you guys buy from me, the faster I can dedicate my attention full time to developing the solutions you need. I truly appreciate every sale.

Income Galaxy (Currently in Beta) – This is my new “Affiliate Marketing Dev Shop”. You can find the Galaxy Framework, the theme that this website is running off at my affiliate marketing dev shop.

Ultimate Azon Theme – The trusted classic Amazon Affiliate theme used by over 1000 affiliates. Get the Ultimate Azon Theme Here.

WP ComPEAR – Turn any content you want into sliders, sortable tables, and drag’n’drop comparison tools.  Get WP ComPEAR Here.

Recommended Resources

Here are some more of my favorite resources.

Website Hosting

WP Engine – This is where I host most of my websites. Great support, great security, one click backup & restore, and fast. If you are looking for serious WordPress hosting, visit WP Engine to learn more.

Stock Images

Pexels – Great free and royalty free high quality stock images.

Amazon Affiliate Guides

Amazon Affiliate Site Guide – This is an awesome guide by Doug Cunnington from Niche Site Project. I haven’t used his guide personally, but I can promise that Doug delivers top level content in everything he does.