Introducing the WP ComPEAR Product Comparison Plugin

Leave your thoughts Okay, we all know that when it comes to niche sites that promote products, you gotta have a comparison table, right? Ever since Spencer Haws made the popularity of TablePress skyrocket when unveiling in his Niche Site Project 1 Case Study it’s become standard in almost every niche site. Why? Because it works. It increases conversions and… View Article

The Best Product Comparison Tool – WP ComPEAR

2 Comments I am not saying that this is the best product comparison plugin just because I developed it. I’m saying it because I developed the plugin to be exactly what I want in a product comparison tool, I use it on my own websites, and it’s the best one for me. So rather than long boring descriptive blog… View Article

Goodbye 2014 … Hello Future!

12 Comments Well here we are on the brink of 2015. As for 2014 – what a year it’s been. There’s been good, there’s been bad, and there’s been more hard work throughout the year than any other year in my life … and it’s starting to pay off. As said by @derbengalo on Instagram. 2013 WAS… View Article

The Ultimate Azon WordPress Theme is Finally Here!

Leave your thoughts Well hello again! It’s been quite some time since my last post, but it’s only because I’ve been working non-stop on my first product launch! Sometimes it seemed like it would never be done, but after five long months of designing, developing, testing, and setting up the entire sales & support infrastructure … The Ultimate… View Article

All Around Update for

12 Comments Hello everybody. It’s been a little over a month since I’ve posted last and I apologize. The reason isn’t due to slacking off, boredom, lack of interesting things to say, or anything like that … it’s because I’ve been so damn busy working on multiple projects that I haven’t had a minute to write about any… View Article

Amazon Niche Website Case Study: Chapter 1

17 Comments Man, I just love doing these niche site duels, mastermind groups, and case studies. Well it’s time for another one! I’ve decided to build a new Amazon Affiliate niche website and document the process. I’m building this site for a niche site challenge/mastermind formed by Servando So Yong Silva Sohn over at the Google+ Niche Site… View Article

My Monthly Business, Traffic & Income Report
April 2014

29 Comments So here it is, my first ever monthly income report! I’ve always been a huge fan of keeping up with other people’s online income reports, I find it very inspiring. Up until now I have not published any income reports for two reasons, lack of time and the fact that I didn’t really have that… View Article