About Me

dave-nicosia-web-design-development-internet-marketingName: Dave Nicosia
Occupation: Almost Full-Time Internet Marketer
Age: 38
Location: The Mountains in Virginia, USA
Interests: Guitar, Camping, Juggling

Welcome to my little blog. I’m a full-time web developer and almost full-time internet marketer.

How I Can Help You

I’m here to make a full-time living working for myself online. I’m working towards financial and location independence.

Over the past few years in the industry, I’ve come to learn one thing. I love helping others succeed online as I am. My goal is to become a full-time internet marketer and help as many people as possible generate extra income online.

Moving forward in 2016 and beyond I will be focusing on providing high end WordPress themes and plugins to help you grow your online income.

Thank for stopping by!