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Hello everybody. It’s been a little over a month since I’ve posted last and I apologize.

The reason isn’t due to slacking off, boredom, lack of interesting things to say, or anything like that … it’s because I’ve been so damn busy working on multiple projects that I haven’t had a minute to write about any of it!

I’ve had a lot of people start following me over the past month or so, and I decided I better get something posted! So here’s a quick update on what I have going on that’s taking up all of my spare time. (remember, I work full time at a regular job)

Once again, I apologize for not posting at all in June, but it’s because I have some big things in the works that will hopefully benefit us all in the near future.

May Income Report

$348.95 – all from Amazon commissions on Niche Site #1 and

I go into some detail about my income for May here if you want the details of why I dropped from $600+ in April earnings to $300+ in May.

June Income Report

$248.07 – all from Amazon commissions on Niche Site #1 and

Although my income has dropped form the high $600+ month, I’m still extremely happy because I’ve made it through all of the recent Google Updates, I still rank well overall for my two main sites, and I’m still making over $200/month which is a lot more than I was doing 7 months ago!

Hopefully in August I’ll be getting back to my full income reports.

Niche Site #1

This is the main website that I earn from right now. I’m working on planning/launching a large giveaway for this site. I’m giving away three of the most popular products in my niche. It’s taking a lot of my time planning teh contest, writing all of the contest copy, and building a list of 1000 websites/facebook pages / twitter pages that I can reach out to when I launch the contest. I’m hoping to attract a bunch of new natural backlinks form this contest and my outreach.

Once this contest is over, I’ll be publishing a detailed account of the whole contest form planning, to execution, to my results. This post will probably come out in the fall of 2014.

Google decided to skyrocket on of my posts to #1 for EVERY term related to the keywords I targeted on one of my articles! The site went from 20 – 40 visits a day to about 80 – 100 visits a day based off this ranking increase. I’ve also seen a decent increase in Amazon commissions on this site, due to the increase in rankings and the fact that it’s big camping season right now.

I’ve also been working on a new WP theme for this site and it’s almost done. I never really finished the current theme on the site, and my time on site dropped from 2 minutes to 20 seconds after my last theme change. Not good. Not good at all.

I’m hoping that my new theme will get my time on site back up or better. It’s a bit more traditional than what I have going on now.

New Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme

So this is my first un-official announcement!

The main reason I’ve been so busy is that I’m developing a new Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme based off my successful Niche Site #1. I’ve shown that site to a few trusted colleagues, and they were very impressed with my site and asked me if it was a theme that they could install themselves. I had to tell them “no”, because you would have to be a programmer to build your site like I built mine.

My site has a high end professional look, and a powerful backend that makes adding reviews, sortable tables, and product sliders quick and super easy.

I’ve decided to turn my own theme into a customizable WP theme that will be available to the public so all of you can benefit from my hard work.

I’ve been working until about 2am or 3am most nights on my theme, and I’m hoping to launch it by September 1, 2014. I have a ton of work still to do but it’s coming  along great so far and the development work is advancing at a decent pace.

I’ll be releasing an official announcement as soon as I have the first draft completed and start testing it.

Everybody on my email list will get the theme first at a lower price than anybody else if they are interested, so if you might want it, sign up to my list below and you’ll get the first peek at the feature list and be first to know once the theme is available.

For me, this is the most exciting thing I have going on right now. I love my Niche Site #1 – and I’m really excited to bring all of it’s power to all of you.

One thing is for sure, you haven’t seen a WP Amazon Affiliate theme like this before!


I’ve also been working on 2 or 3 of my smaller niches sites, addng a bit of content and ordering a few new articles. I have one more niche site that I’m starting based off of the keyword package I bought off of DumbPassiveIncome.

Well there you have it. As you can see, I really have my hands full at the moment!

Once I launch my new Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme (which is my top priority), I’ll be back to posting regularly here on

Let me know what you think in the comments, and let me know if you might be interested in my new Amazon Affiliate WP theme.


Thanks and take care for now,



12 comments on “All Around Update for

  1. Tung Tran on

    Nice work Dave!

    I’m actually developing my own amazon theme right now for my own sites and I’m interested in yours too 😛

    It’d save me a lot of time and money too.

    Will drop you a follow up email after this comment.


    • Dave on

      Hey Tung, thanks for stopping by! Somehow I missed this comment so I actually got your email first. It’s definitely going to be a HUGE time saver for me when I can start using my new theme. And you can bet I’ll be using it for most of my future Affiliate websites that are multiple products based.

      See you around!

      – Dave

  2. Doug on

    Hey Dave – Great update here. Congrats on moving ahead with the theme. It should be really exciting rolling that out.

    That’s cool about tentcampinghq moving up…do you know why it moved up in the SERPs? The theme looks cool there but I can imagine that people don’t know how to navigate through the site to other posts.

    • Dave on

      Doug, thanks for stopping by! The theme is coming along really well… it’s about 70% done I’d say. Hopefully be launching by Oct 1.

      I don’t really know why my page on TCHQ went up in the SERPS. Google just likes it best now. I haven’t updated the post in over a year. Goes to show that even old content can suddenly start kicking ass! I know the theme is hard to navigate, I never actually finished it. I have a new theme about 90% done but I put it on hold for the past year as I worked on other stuff. TCHQ is more of a hobby site for me, with most other things taking priority.

      Take care and I’ll see you around Doug!

      – Dave

  3. Andy on

    I think the WP theme is an awesome idea and I am confident that is where the bulk of your profit will come from this year. Creating a product, especially a digital one, let’s you take advantage of your efforts so much more than when you are only getting a small slice of the pie as an affiliate as you get to keep the whole pie to yourself.

    People talk a lot about conversion rate optimization as a way to get more $ per visitor to a site, but dont think nearly as much about getting more money from every conversion they get, and the easiest way to do that is to promote your own product.

    I doubt your sole focus will be on creating a niche site to promote this theme [although its not a bad idea], but I think regardless of your intentions, becoming a producer instead of a salesman is a great transition to make. Good luck!

    • Dave on

      Thanks for the comment Andy! I couldn’t agree with you more. You know, I didn’t really plan on creating any of my own products until quite a while in the future, but since I have the idea and the chops to pull it off, I figured why not now?

      I still plan on building and running niche sites too, it’s so much fun and it will help me keep current on what works, and give me playgrounds to try new more creative techniques. Hopefully it will spawn some new ideas for themes and plugins in the future.

      Take care and see you around!

      – Dave

  4. massman on

    Dave nice update! I’m excited to see your new theme…..looks like you are about 6 months ahead of me on your niche sites…I’m right on the cusp of ranking for my main keywords. Nice to see you are busy and holding strong!

    • Dave on

      Thanks Scott! It’s been a slow two months revenue-wise, but I’ve also been working the past two months harder and more than I ever have, which will pay off in the future. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Dave on

      Hi Sujit! The theme will be a paid premium theme (it’s taken me over 200 hours so far to build it!). I will be offering it to everybody on my email list at about an 80% discount for a limited time, so if you might be interested in picking it up, just get on my list and you’ll be notified.

  5. Oloyede Jamiu on

    Hey Dave,

    Just came around to see if you have a new update.

    How have you gone about the wordpress plugin you are working on?

    I’m on your list, i know i will be updated when you release any new update.

    Thanks and have a nice day ahead.

    • Dave on

      Hey Oloyede, thanks for stopping by! This Week I’m wrapping up the basic documentation for my Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme (not a plugin), then I have some people lined up to test it out for me, then hopefully it will be available to the public by November 7. I’ll definitely notify my list once it’s ready for my official beta testers.

      If anybody else reads this and wants an unlimited site license for $20 to help me beta test it ($99 at launch time), sign up for my email list by 10/15/2014 and you’ll be notified once it’s ready.


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