Amazon Niche Website Case Study: Chapter 1

Man, I just love doing these niche site duels, mastermind groups, and case studies. Well it’s time for another one! I’ve decided to build a new Amazon Affiliate niche website and document the process. I’m building this site for a niche site challenge/mastermind formed by Servando So Yong Silva Sohn over at the Google+ Niche Site Community. The mastermind is being conducted in a private Facebook Group, and if you’re interested in joining head on over the the community, sign up, and get talking with people! While I’m not going to reveal my URL, I’ll document and describe everything in as much detail as I can throughout the process. This will help me when creating my training material for my VAs in the near future, and hopefully it will give you a step by step guide on building your own niche Amazon website.

The Way I Will Be Building Niche Sites Moving Forward.

This site it will be a bit different than my previous sites. You see I’ve always done everything by myself, including writing the content, but now that I’m generating a regular monthly revenue over $500/month from my niche websites, it’s time to take it up a level. Tine to kick it in overdrive. It’s time to start outsourcing. This time I am building this site with outsourcing in mind. I want to come up with a process for every little thing, and document it all to use later for training my virtual assistants. I guess you could say I’m doing  my prep work here for the next phase of my business. It’s exciting to have some things outsourced, freeing up your time for other things.

1.1 My Goals

Here are my goals for this website

  • Build a new high quality Amazon Affiliate niche website
  • Outsource some time consuming tasksBudget: $700 (that’s just a loose number)
    • Keyword research
    • Content writing
    • Backlinking
  • Document my processes to use for training material for my future VAs
  • Make $300/month within 6 months

1.2 – Choosing a Niche and Keyword Research

Keyword research is something I’ve always done in the past myself, but now that I have some money to invest into building niche websites I wanted to speed things up. I imagine that it’s pretty hard to get great keyword research done by some anonymous VA, so I decided to buy a keyword research package from Matt Allen over at Dumb Passive Income. By doing this I’ll be saving myself a lot of time, but also committing to building a website on a topic that is unknown to me until after I buy the keywords.

How To Purchase a Keyword Package from Matt Allen at Dumb Passive Income and What To Expect

Head on over to and sign up to be notified when new packages are available. The supply is limited so when a notification comes through that some packages are available, don’t wait! The results are awesome and now I have so much research organized perfectly and ready to be brought to life on my new website.

What Does Matt Provide with Your Purchase?

First off I want to say that I was extremely impressed with the entire experience and recommend his keyword service 100%. If you can afford it, it can save you a lot of time and he will deliver high quality results. So when I opened up Matt’s keyword package, here’s what I found: A Google Spreadsheet that included:

  • Six primary keywords
    • Avg. CPC
    • Local Searches
    • Advertiser competition (low, medium, high)
    • Long Tail Pro Keyword Competitiveness score
  • Top ten analysis for the six primary keywords (He also highlighted all of the low competition stats for each page)
    • The URL of each page ranking (and he highlighted the 3 that were niche sites)
    • The page meta title
    • Long Tail Pro Keyword Competitiveness score
    • Page Authority
    • Page Links
    • Juice Page Links
    • Domain Authority
    • mozRank Page Rank
    • Site Age
  • 570 more related long tail keywords
      • Avg. CPC
      • Local Searches
      • Advertiser competition (low, medium, high)
      • Long Tail Pro Keyword Competitiveness score
  • A PDF packed full with tips on how to use the keywords on your site
    • Disclaimers
    • How to read the spreadsheet data
    • Tips on interpreting the data
    • Onsite SEO tips/best practices
    • How to group your keywords to build a content plan
    • Important information & tips  for using the keywords with Google Adsense
    • Important information & tips  for using the keywords with the Amazon Affiliate program
    • Tips on link building
    • the awesome
  • Sortable HTML table with the top 41 products on Amazon in the niche.

Click Here to see the actual spreadsheet of data that I purchased, with the keywords, URLs, and Page Titles hidden. If you are interested in buying one of Matt’s packages, this is similar to what you’ll get. Packages may vary.

Interested in saving some time and supporting a fellow niche site builder?  Head on over to and buy a keyword package. The only downside to this method is that I don’t actually get to choose my niche. Matt Allen is choosing it for me!

1.3 Some Statistics About My Niche and Keyword

The general niche my keyword package covers is the “Health / Fitness” niche. It is based around a specific subset of fitness gear that is used by men and women. The price point for these products is between $40 and $150.

Primary Keyword Stats

keywords Avg. CPC Local Searches Advertiser Competition Avg. KC
*****  ******* $2.11 22,200 high 29
****  *******  **** $1.75 4,400 medium 24 my main keyword
****  ******  ****** **** $2.58 2,900 medium 17
 ****  ******  ****** **** $1.63 2,400 high 20
 ****  ******  ****** **** $1.77 1,600 high 26
 ****  ******  ****** **** **** $2.33 590 high 18

Top Ten Competition Analysis for My Chosen Primary Keyword

URL TITLE KC Page Authority Page Links Juice Page Links Domain Authority mozRank Page Rank Site Age
article 27 39 13 2 77 4.09 -1 ?
niche website exact match keyword in title 36 45 475 390 36 5.17 -1 ?
article exact match keyword in title 6 13 7 0 37 2.65 2 ?
ecommerce 35.93 53 1,558 8 80 4.32 4 ?
niche website exact match keyword in title 32 39 78 76 28 4.65 -1 ?
niche website exact match keyword in title 32 39 288 240 29 4.14 -1 ?
ecommerce 28.53 41 2,366 15 57 6 3 ?
ecommerce 14.4 27 4 0 62 3.3 2 ?
forum 30.27 43 16 15 84 4.98 -1 ?
Amazon – Category Page 42.19 1 0 0 99 0 0 ?

1.4 Buying My Domain Name

Now that I have my niche selected and keyword research completed, it’s time to buy a domain name. Ever since the EMD update, I tend to focus on brandable domain names rather than exact match domain names. That’s the method I’m using for this website.

I found a great brandable domain name to use, so I added it to my account at 1and1 Internet. For now I’ll be setting up the site to focus on my main keywords, but I could eventually expand into other fitness related topics if the site works out okay.

Let’s talk about registering domain names for a minute.

I rarely see people in the niche site community mentioning 1&1 Internet – but I love them for managing all of my domain names.

There are a bunch of benefits to using 1&1 including:

  • Easy to use Domain Manager
  • You can access all domain/DNS settings easily
  • Auto Renewal toggle
  • 1&1 doesn’t make it difficult to obtain your transfer authorization code
  • The best reason of all – FREE DOMAIN PRIVACY

The only downside to using 1&1’s free domain parking service is that you only get 1 free email address for the whole account. Of course you can purchase more email accounts, but I just set up aliases for each domain on my Google Apps for Business account so I can receive emails at all of my websites, and have the emails all go into my Google mail account that gets auto filtered by domain name.

It’s a great system to manage multiple niche websites and email addresses. My Google Apps account costs $5 a month and I can set up as many aliases as I need.

I highly recommend 1&1 for domain name management and as a DNS server, but I wouldn’t use them to host my websites. I worked at 1&1 for over a year – just don’t host your websites with them. Trust me.

By the way – I just saw that 1&1 is running a domain special right and .net for $0.99 for the first year. A great time to buy up all of those domains for sites you want to build within the next year. If you’re building a bunch, you could save a lot of money here!

1.5 A Look Towards the Future

My next steps are to set up my website, install a theme, design my logo, install plugins, and order content. I’ll be doing all of the site setup myself (I’m a professional web developer so this stuff is quick, easy, & fun for me), and I’ll be outsourcing all of the content.

In my next update I’ll cover my site setup best practices and my experiences outsourcing my content.

1.6 Resources used in Chapter 1

17 comments on “Amazon Niche Website Case Study: Chapter 1

  1. Hieu Nguyen on

    Nice progress, Dave!

    Do you outsource article posting? I find it quite difficult to tell VAs to post articles to WP, then add appropriate images, internal links, authority links. Hope you cover that on your next posts 🙂

    • Dave on

      Thanks Hieu. I haven’t hired a GVA to post articles for me yet, so for now I’m just going to outsource the article writing and publish the posts myself. My next phase in outsourcing will be to hire a GVA to do that sort of stuff, and when I do I’ll train well, give very clear exact instructions, and still review/tweak/modify the posts myself before they go live. When I finally get to this point, I’ll definitely write all about it!

  2. Phil on

    Very interesting and detailed review of your progress so far. I’m really interested to see how it goes as I’m building a site myself and it helps to see what/how others are doing.

  3. Figs on

    Thanks for interesting posts. Would be nice if you have RSS feed on your blog.

  4. Larry on

    Hey Dave,

    Was just introduced to your site and so far am enjoying your journey. Congratulations for the success.

    When you’re adding comments, do you check for do-follow, what quality the blog is, ie. PR, etc?

    • Dave on

      Thanks Larry! When I leave blog comments, I do not check any specific stats – I just make sure that I’m leaving comments on a quality blog in a related niche. I assume that almost all of these links will be nofollow but that’s ok with me.

  5. jeff on

    Congrats on the awesome income stats. I saw you on josh’s site but just wanted to say so again.
    I have been thinking of getting a package from matt once I start getting consistent earnings from this next one, so I’m glad you went over that.
    I do have one question – you picked KW out of those 6 primary – why did you pick the one you did? It’s not the lowest KC or the highest CPC.

    • Dave on

      Thanks Jeff. The package from Matt was awesome and saved me Sooo much time. As long as you’re okay with not choosing your own niche. If you wanted a specific broad niche though I bet he would work with you.

      I chose the keyword that I did because after reviewing all of Google results, I think I can rank for that one on page one the easiest. That decision was based off the numbers, but then my own experience and judgement.

      I find that how easy it is to rank for a specific term is not always what the numbers suggest. I like to rely on my own judgement most of all. The numbers are a just starting point for me to filter out all of the obviously hard keywords to rank for.

  6. Sean on

    Good luck with the site. I just found your site and will make it a habit of stopping by regularly. Will you be posting any in-depth articles about back linking?


  7. Matthew Allen on

    Dave – thanks for the awesome review for my service! How did I not know you wrote this? Somebody just pointed it out to me. Send me an email when you get a chance. I would love to copy part of this and use it as a testimonial on my sales page (and also link to the article) – or have you write a separate testimonial if you would rather.

    I’m glad you’re finding the value in what I provided for you. By the way, I create and use a spreadsheet exactly like the one I send to buyers for my own niche sites. Can’t wait to read about the progression and future success of your site.

    • Dave on

      Hey, you delivered on your service! I didn’t tell you because I thought it would be more fun to let you find it on your own or through the grapevine! 🙂 I’ll email you next week …

    • Dave on

      Thanks a lot Raweewan! I’ll definitely keep going … I’m more pumped up than ever thanks to all of the great commenters like yourself! Please sign up for my email list if you haven’t already so you can get notified when my updates come out.

  8. dave on

    Good Stuff Dave. Looking forward to following your progress on this one. I have been thinking about outsourcing as well and even picked up Chris Ducker’s Virtual Freedom book to get prepped. Hopefully I will start seeing enough positive growth in the next few months to warrant outsourcing myself.
    Also, love the KW products from Matt. Thanks for providing the links and the resource. I will be looking forward to hopefully connecting with him as well down the line.


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