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Automatic Image Resizing & Cropping for WordPress Theme Development

Whenever I create a new WordPress theme, I like to make image management as easy as possible for the end user, including myself on my niche sites. Here’s what I use that enables me to upload a single image to the WordPress media library, and automatically display web optimized versions in different sizes throughout my theme.

Mathew Ruddy has a great addon for WordPress that does just this. It is an image resizing function that provides WordPress users with an alternative to Timthumb, which is another popular image resizing function but has been know to have some security issues. Now that WordPress has image resizing and cropping built right in, we can utilize that native resizing functionality and mimick the Timthumb resizing functionality.

Responsive Slider 1.0 using WordPress, Advanced Custom Fields Repeater Field, Web Symbols font, and the Cycle2 Slideshow Engine

When I build out custom WordPress themes, I often have to add a custom slideshow on a page. I love building these using the Advanced Custom Fields Plugin and Repeater Field Addon, combined with Cycle2 as my slideshow engine behind the scenes.

Here’s a simple image slider that I use as a basis for more advanced jQuery sliders when I build them out. I often start with the basics below, and build up extra functionality from there if needed. I use this on my WordPress sites.

The code below is intended for those who know how to develop for WordPress, and is not intended as a complete step by step guide. If however you are working with this code and have any questions about it, just ask your question in the comments below and I’ll gladly help out.

You can see a working version of this here near the top of the page.

Tools Required: WordPress, Advanced Custom Fields Plugin, Advanced Custom Fields Repeater Field, jQuery Cycle2, Cycle2 Swipe Addon, the Web Symbols Font, HTML, PHP, and CSS

Sticky jQuery WordPress Post Navigation Buttons

Here’s a sticky next/previous navigation that I designed for the new Durkan Group website. Here is the simplest form of the code that I used, but for the new Durkan website I integrated it with the “next” and “previous” post links to create some sticky buttons in fixed position on the right side of the screen. I used jQuery Waypoints to make the navigation stick to it’s vertical position once it reached 200 pixels from the top of the browser window. You can see a working version of this here.

Why 99% of People Fail at Internet Marketing and How To Be That 1% That Succeeds

I like you. You’re one of the smart ones. You’re not going to fall for any “Get Rick Quick schemes” or get suckered into buying a dozen products promising to reveal “the Secret to Making Money Online“, or show you the TOP secret method that NOBODY knows about that works like magic. You know that it is totally possible to make money online through internet marketing and you’re ready to do it right. Kudos to you!

Let’s answer a few common questions, then get you started on your journey to complete freedom through Internet Marketing.

How To Write A Trustworthy In-Depth Product Review When You’ve Never Even Tested The Product – Hint: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Writing long detailed product reviews can be a challenge sometimes, especially if you want your review to come off as informative and sincere and you’ve never even tested the product. So how do you go about writing a review on something you’ve never even tested or used before? The answer of course is research! Let’s learn how to write a trustworthy in-depth product review when you’ve never even tested the product.

Researching a product to write a review can be quite time consuming, so I’ve developed my own method of getting it done as fast as possible by following a product review template, and streamlining my research.

Here is the method that I use to create just that – a detailed sincere product review with unique insights – all without ever owning the product, lying, or deceiving the visitor. I’ll be using an Amazon product for an example.

Niche Site Duel 2.0 (NSD2) – Progress Report

Niche Site Duel 2.0 (NSD2)

My Personal Niche Site Duel 2.0 Project

I’m writing this post to keep track of my progress, so that others can hopefully learn from it and get an up close view of how one person’s niche site is progressing. Unfortunately, I am not comfortable with sharing my exact URL, there are just too many lazy fools out there who would just copy my work and try to take the easy way out. While that rarely works, I’m not even gonna open that door … not even gonna crack it … I hope you understand.

Back in June of 2013 I decided to take part in the Niche Site Duel 2.0, created by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. While the duel is moving quite slower than everybody expected, I am expecting a TON of great information to be put out by Pat when he finally gets going. That being said, there is a great community over there at that I am an active member of. If you’re interested in joining us over there building income generating websites, click the link and get signed up, it’s 100% free. Once you’re there, find me and say hello. My username there is David. The forum is great for newbies and everybody in it is extremely helpful and friendly.

My Traffic History from July 23, 2013 through October 31, 2013

Okay, here are the statistics. It might be kind of random, because I’m keeping this post published while I work on it.

LAST UPDATED: January 1, 2014 – This will be my last update on this post. I’ll be starting a new post that will track my progress from here on out.

Overall Traffic from site launch on July 23,2013 until October 31. As you can see, my site was going great, my traffic growing fast – and then on October 30 my site got penalized by Google … oh no!!

Learn How To Choose a Topic for Your Niche Site – Without Keyword Research (Gasp!)

Learn-How-To-Choose-a-Topic-for-Your-Niche-Site-Without-Keyword-ResearchWaaaay to many people get hung up on keyword research when trying to find a niche to build their website around. There’s so much to learn and consider such as minimum local exact searches, first page competition analysis,  can I beat this site, can I beat that site – that it can be extremely time consuming, frustrating, and overwhelming for beginners. All of these things often prevent people from taking action and starting their website.

People tend to forget that thousands of other people build successful websites all the time without any keyword research at all. I wonder how they do it? There are so many Internet Marketing “Experts” preaching the importance of keyword research in choosing your niche, that many beginners think that there is no other choice. Sometimes you need to forget what the experts say and try things your own way.  While keyword research is definitely very important if you want to attract search engine traffic … There’s gotta be an easier way to get started!

Today I’m going to …

  • Settle the debate between niche sites and authority sites once and for all
  • Teach you how to choose a niche to build your website around without keyword research (gasp!)

What Exactly Is a Niche Site?

I always hear a lot of discussion about the differences between a “niche” site and an “authority” site. I think it’s actually very simple. I know there’s others that share my view out there too. When it comes down to it, it’s no use worrying if you are going to build a niche site or an authority site, and you actually can’t really compare the two anyways.

Here’s how I define each of these terms.