The Challenge: From $50/Month to $600/Month in Five Months – Overview

Hey everybody, I hope you’re all doing well this year so far. I myself have set a pretty hefty internet marketing goal for 2014 that I want to discuss, and I’ve already been hard at work on it in January. I wanted to put this in writing though before I got too far into 2014 and lost sight of my goal.

Unfortunately I won’t be sharing any of the URL’s of these sites as we all know that people would just copy me and make it that much harder for me to accomplish. I hope you understand.

My #1 Internet Marketing Goal for 2014

To go from $50/month to $600/month by May 31, 2014. I’ve been averaging about $50 a month for the last few months, and now it’s time to get serious. I want this to be my full time job, and I’m finally ready to make it happen. I believe that I know what I’m doing and have developed all of the necessary skills enough to make this happen. I have a game plan to get myself from $50/month to myself and my wife being able to work together for ourselves. The first phase is getting up to $600 a month form my niche sites. I have big plans after that but let’s just focus on the goal at hand, Phase One: Seed Money. Once I get my niche site income up to my goal, I am going to shift gears and use part of that monthly revenue to fund Phase 2, which we’ll get to when it’s time.

Not only am I doing this to work my way up to full time internet marketing, but I’m doing it so I can make my day to day life better as well as soon as possible. My wife and I work hard full time, but we live paycheck to paycheck right now. If I could add even just a few hundred dollars a month to our income, it would help us save more, pay off our debts faster, pad our bank accounts, and buy some things we need like a new couch. Only a few hundred dollars a month would make the difference between worrying about an unexpected car repair and not stressing it because we have it covered. That’s why once I reach my goal for Phase One, I’ll be putting some of the monthly income towards our daily life and savings. I know I could probably achieve my long term goal faster by investing all of my revenue back into growing the business, but I need to improve my home finances as soon as possible too, and I feel it’s totally worth it. Hey, I’ve been working hard at this for two years, I want to feel some benefits!

Just a little extra cash would mean a huge difference to us in our daily lives … and I’m almost there …

How Will I Reach My Goal of $600 a Month?

I plan on reaching my goal of $600 a month by creating and building out 4 different niche websites that are monetized with the Amazon Associates Program and Google Adsense. I figure if I build out 4 niche websites, then each one only has to make $150/month by the end of May to reach my goal. I feel that this is very possible and realistic, but I’ll have to work hard and smart to make it happen. I also figure that one or two of my sites will do better, and one or two might do worse that $150/month. Time will tell I suppose.

Let Me Introduce My 4 Niche Sites

Niche Site #1

Niche site #1 is the website that I built as part of the Niche Site Duel 2.0 challenge. I launched it on July 2013, and have had quite a few ups and downs with it since then. It survived a Google Penalty and has been consistently earning a small revenue each month, except for during the penalty. You can read more about how I built my niche site if you want more details about this one. So far I have over 100 hours of work put into this site since May of 2013. I have a feeling most of my niche site income will come from this one site. It’s doing really well and growing constantly. Who knows, I might even reach my goal with this site alone, but I still want to diversify and have a few sites to test things out on.

Niche: Tools/Outdoors
Launch Date: July 22,  2013

Niche Site #2

Niche site #2 is the second website that I built to meet my goal. It is basically a modified version of Niche Site #1, but with all fresh content and a different but related product category I will be marketing. The setup for this site was fast, since I only had to clone my old site, make some changes to make it look unique, and then start adding content. While niche site #1 took my 100 hours to get what I have done, this site only took about 15 hours to accomplish the same amount of work. Shows you the power of having a template and workflow in place.

Niche: Tools/Outdoors
Launch Date: January 3, 2014

Niche Site #3

Niche Site #3 is in a niche that I discovered looking through successful auctions. Basically I did some advanced searches to find an niche Amazon review website that has proven earnings and success. Next I did a bit more research in the niche to make sure it seemed possible to rank for. After I decided that it was a good niche to get into (about 2 hours of research), I built myself a new niche site theme that I will use for many sites from here on out. After I perfect my theme, I may end up selling it to other internet marketers. I’ve never found a perfect niche website theme for my own personal needs, so I decided to build it myself.

Niche: Medical
Launch Date: January 13, 2014

Niche Site #4

Niche site #4 is my fourth and final niche site that I will be using to reach my goal. I came across this niche on accident while researching the products, because I am in the market for this right now! While researching, I started seeing some niche websites rankling well for some pretty good terms related to the niche. That got my internet marketing hat spinning, so I did some more research, uncovered a great keyword to target, and 3 days later and after about 6 hours, site #4 was launched with 3 original 1000+ word articles, and a comparison chart.

Niche: Tools
Launch Date: January 14, 2014


Here Are My Monthly Accomplishments Towards My Goal

Each month I will be writing a post that will outline how much I made from my niche websites, what tasks I accomplished on the sites, and what I’ll be focusing on the next month. I’ll put a link here for each month’s update.

Well there you have it. It’s in writing now for the whole world to see me succeed or fail! I’m doing this to hold myself accountable, to keep track of my progress, and to help motivate others who would like to accomplish a similar goal. I know there’s a lot of people over at the Niche Site Duel forum that are having some success, but not as much as they want. I know because I’m one of them. This is the year that I am changing this.


As someone very wise once said …

Do or do not, there is no try.

~ Yoda, Jedi Master


2 comments on “The Challenge: From $50/Month to $600/Month in Five Months – Overview

  1. Scott on

    This is a really interesting case study and I’m in the same boat so I’ll be following along. What do you mean when you say that site #2 was a clone of site #1? Can you really just copy & paste all the database files on the server? Or do you mean that you simply followed the same process to set up the site?

  2. Dave on

    Yeah, I literally just cloned my site using the Duplicator plugin. It’s extremely easy to use. It clones the entire site files and database and has an easy setup wizard to follow. Basically I created a Duplicator backup on site #1, then cloned it to where I have site #2, deleted all of the content form the old site in the new one and started adding new content.

    Keep in mind that I am adding 100% new pages and content after it was cloned. Hope that helps!


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