How To Write A Trustworthy In-Depth Product Review When You’ve Never Even Tested The Product – Hint: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Writing long detailed product reviews can be a challenge sometimes, especially if you want your review to come off as informative and sincere and you’ve never even tested the product. So how do you go about writing a review on something you’ve never even tested or used before? The answer of course is research! Let’s learn how to write a trustworthy in-depth product review when you’ve never even tested the product.

Researching a product to write a review can be quite time consuming, so I’ve developed my own method of getting it done as fast as possible by following a product review template, and streamlining my research.

Here is the method that I use to create just that – a detailed sincere product review with unique insights – all without ever owning the product, lying, or deceiving the visitor. I’ll be using an Amazon product for an example.

Here’s the Basic Product Review Template That I Use

  1. Product Name Plug  your product name into a keyword tool such as Long Tail Pro or the Google Keyword Planner first to see how people who are searching for this product are phrasing their searches. Base your phrasing of the product name based off this if possible.
  2. Product Specifications List out any quick stats for your product such as size, color, features, dimensions, etc …
  3. Introduction Introduce the product you are reviewing.
  4. Body Describe the features of the product in detail here, making sure to keep a conversational tone like you are talking directly to the person reading.
  5. Pros List out the top 3 to 5 “pros” of the product, people like to see this when they scan your page.
  6. Cons List out the top 3 to 5 “cons” of the product, people also want to know the downside and you build credibility here by not hiding this information.
  7. Insider Tips Include a short section with at least one insider tip for use, care, or often overlooked information.
  8. Summary Mention again the main features of the product and your thoughts on it, this should be short, sweet, and to the point.
  9. Call to Action Make sure to use  a call to action to entice the reader to click through your affiliate link.

Streamlining Your Product Review Research

This method of gathering and organizing your research for your product review can be great whether you’re writing your own review or outsourcing it. I usually write the first batch of reviews myself when starting a new site, but when a site shows that it will be successful, I’ll still use this method of research and provide it to my outsourced writer.

Step #1

Open up a blank text file to use as a text dump for all of our research. Save the file to your computer, I name it something like “research-dump-product-name.txt”. I then type in 2 section headings, “product info” and “reviews”.

Step #2

Go to Amazon and find your product. Copy and paste all of the product specifications and description into your text dump file under the “product info” heading you created. Don’t worry about formatting or anything, the idea here is to get the product information into your text file as quickly as possible.

Step #3

Leave Amazon up and open a new tab in your browser. Go to the product manufacturer’s website, find your product, then copy and paste any information you see there into your text dump file underneath the info from Amazon. Once again, quickness should be your goal here.

Step #4

In a new tab, head on over to Google and type in “your product review” without the quotes. If you see some product reviews in the results, open a few up in new tabs. Then scan through the reviews and if you see any information you have not pasted into your text dump file already, go ahead and cherry pick some info from the reviews and add them to your text dump file.

Step #5

Head on back to the Tab where you have the product open in Amazon, and click to read all of the reviews. Now you are going to copy and paste all of the reviews with useful information into your text dump file under the heading “reviews”. You can skip over reviews that don’t offer anything useful. In the reviews here, this is where you will get some gold nuggets of information related to the product that will be essential in writing your review. Keep an eye out for something that you could use in the “Insider Tips” section of your review.

Step #6

Open a new tab once again, head on over to Google, them type in your product keyword and look through the results for people talking about it in a forum. Try to find 2 or 3 forums with people talking about the product you are reviewing, and scan through them and copy/paste any information that you haven’t seen already. Just like in the Amazon reviews, you can find some real nuggets of information in the forums.

Step #7

Now it’s time to organize your text dump file. It should be filled with a lot of great info that you copied and pasted from the sites you found. 


10 comments on “How To Write A Trustworthy In-Depth Product Review When You’ve Never Even Tested The Product – Hint: It’s Easier Than You Think!

  1. FRan on

    Hi Dave,

    Some great tips there buddy, thanks for sharing your technique.

    PS I like the new site layout but not too sure about the logo. I preferred the previous font you had for your name across the top.

  2. Dave on

    Hey Dave. I hate the writing part when doing websites, much prefer the design part. So thanks for this mate, very helpful.

    • Dave on

      Great question. For images I usually just use any images that are being used on the product page for the item I am promoting. If it is an Amazon product, I’ll use the images that Amazon uses. If they use a large image, sometimes I’ll focus on a part of the image and crop the rest out so it looks like I get a variety of imagery with a single photo. If they have multiple photos or user submitted photos I’ll use them as well.

      I like to try to get 2 or 3 images on my review. Hope that helps Dave!

  3. Adnan on

    Hi Dave,

    Found your site through NSD2.0. =)

    Awesome-designed website you got here.

    Anyway, I have been struggling with writing reviews and not much success with outsourcing it out either so this post definitely helps.

    But it would be better if you could provide a full sample of a good product review so that I can have a better idea.

    Nevertheless, thanks for this post. I’ve subscribed to your mailing list and looking forward for more useful updates!


    • Dave on

      Thanks for the compliment! I’m glad my post helped you. It definitely helped me to better reviews for my sites. If it is however a product that I have purchased and/or used, I would write a really good detailed review from my experience mostly.

      An example would be a great idea. I’ll see what I can come up with. I’ll pick a product off of Amazon and go through the process, and show all of the steps and the results.

      Thanks also for subscribing!

  4. Mehedi on

    Hey Dave,
    That’s a nice post. It will help me so much for writing a product review. Thank you for that. You should add a social locker for your blog. It’ll help readers to download a pdf version of your post by social sharing. What i always do is, if i find a blog post so helpful i created a pdf version and save it for future reference.

    • Dave on

      Thanks Mehedi! Also thanks for the social locker tip … I’m definitely going to look into that more. Please stop by again!

  5. neale on

    Thanks Dave this is exactly what I needed combined with a working example of a review on your demo site for Ultimate Azon Theme.

    Forum stuff is easier to find by searching inurl:forum “your product”

    Keep up the good work thanks again for the method!


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