Introducing the WP ComPEAR Product Comparison Plugin

Okay, we all know that when it comes to niche sites that promote products, you gotta have a comparison table, right? Ever since Spencer Haws made the popularity of TablePress skyrocket when unveiling in his Niche Site Project 1 Case Study it’s become standard in almost every niche site.


Because it works.

It increases conversions and improves CTR on the page.

When building my own successful niche product review site, I tried out a sortable table but I also decided to try out a different method … drumroll please … I tried a simple product slider!

I set up some Google Tag Manager event tracking to see how well the table and the slider performed, and what did I discover? That the simple product slider I put above the fold on my homepage earned me a much higher CTR on my affiliate links better than anything else I tried. Much higher than the sortable table.

What’s the lesson I learned here? Is it that product sliders are better than sortable tables?

No, of course not.

The lesson is that you never really know what is the best for your site until you try out different options and track your results.

So How Does This Relate to my New Favorite Product Comparison Plugin?

Long story short … I built a sortable product comparison table and product slider into the Amazon Affiliate Theme I developed and sell, the Ultimate Azon Theme. Then down the road I developed and added a new drag and drop product comparison tool to the theme.

These were all great features and turned out to be the most popular features in the theme altogether. It was great for users of UAT, but I started getting emails asking if I offered the products sliders / sortable tables / drag and drop tools in a stand alone plugin that would work in any theme.

Unfortunately I had to say no, they were only available to users of my theme.

Now UAT was designed to be used for a website centered around a main product type, such as cordless drills. Since it was assumed that you would be focusing on a single product if using UAT, there was only one set of product specifications you could set up that would be automatically pulled into the comparison tools.

As the trend started moving from sites devoted to a single product to more of an “authority” type site covering a wider range of subtopics and products, I started getting customers wanting to set up new product types on their sites, and unfortunately on UAT this was not possible. Well actually is is possible, but not 100% optimal.

There was a definite need for a product comparison tool plugin that would allow for multiple sets of product specs, and adding unlimited sliders / sortable tables / drag and drop comparison tools to be added to any WordPress site and theme with ease…



Well now that product comparison plugin has arrived.

Introducing …



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