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I am not saying that this is the best product comparison plugin just because I developed it. I’m saying it because I developed the plugin to be exactly what I want in a product comparison tool, I use it on my own websites, and it’s the best one for me.

So rather than long boring descriptive blog post … or reviewing my own product … I’ll just leave you with a long list of benefits and features, some videos covering the setup and usage of WP ComPEAR, and some big ‘ole links to the demos and sales website.

Why is WP ComPEAR the Best Product Comparison Tool?

  1. It can be used with any WordPress website running any theme
  2. It is great for comparing any set of anything – not just products
  3. It’s extremely easy to setup and use
  4. You can set up a different set of custom product specifications for each comparison tool you create
  5. You can create create templates and duplicate them for even faster comparison tool creation
  6. You can display your comparison tool as a Product Slider, Sortable Table, or Drag and Drop Comparison Tool
  7. It can increase your website’s “stickiness” factor getting people to interact with your web pages more
  8. It can greatly increase CTR on your affiliate or product links on any page, post, or custom post type that uses the WP content editor
  9. It is streamlined with only the features you need, and not overloaded with clunky hard to figure out options.
  10. The product sliders, which are usually my highest CTR comparison tools – can display a different number of slides on different screen sizes, and can scroll a different number of slides as well.
  11. Simple light and dark color schemes help assure the comparison tools will match your site
  12. All comparison display options ate mobile friendly and responsive to any screen size
  13. The new Drag and drop comparison tool is truly unique, and you can even set it up with draggable images that populate the comparison boxes with the full product info


Click Here to View The Demos or Buy Now



Peek Into the WP ComPEAR Admin Side of the plugin

WP ComPEAR Tutorial #1
How to Install & Activate the Plugin

WP ComPEAR Tutorial #2
How to Create a New Comparison Tool

WP ComPEAR Tutorial #3
Creating Custom Product Specifications

WP ComPEAR Tutorial #4
Creating templates and Duplicating a New Comparison Tool

WP ComPEAR Tutorial #5
Adding Products to Your Comparison Tool

WP ComPEAR Tutorial #6
Publishing and Embedding your Comparison Tool into a Page or Post

Click Here to View The Demos or Buy Now

3 comments on “The Best Product Comparison Tool – WP ComPEAR

    • Dave on

      Thanks for the question Mohammad. No, the prices will not auto update. This plugin does not connect automatically with Amazon, as this plugin is not an Amazon Affiliate specific plugin. It works great for Amazon Affiliates and anybody who wants to compare anything.

      You do not have to use the Amazon Affiliate program to use this plugin.


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