The Challenge: From $50/Month to $600/Month in Five Months – January

I’ve made myself a challenge. I will be attempting to take my online revenue from $50/month all the way up to $600/month within 5 months. I started this challenge on January 1, 2014 and it will end on May 31. 2014. You see in 2013 I started making about $50 a month in revenue rather consistently, and now I’m ready to take it to the next level. I need this to be my full time job and I need it to happen as fast as possible. I’m willing to put in the effort and hard work it will take, and this challenge will help me to jump start my progress.

This goal is Phase One: Seed Money in my overall long term plan to work for myself. After I reach it, I will use that money to fuel Phase Two of my plan, which we’ll get into when it’s time.

January Overall Results

January is off to a really great start I’m happy to say. I had one niche site coming into 2014, my main one that earned $48 in December 2013. I also launched all three of the other sites I’m using to reach my goal. Not too bad, launching 3 sites in one month. My main site, Niche Site #1 more than doubled it’s revenue from the month before. The other three sites didn’t make anything but that’s to be expected since they were all just launched this month.

So want to know how much I made in January?

January Revenue –  $104.99 ( 17% of my goal )

Here’s What I Accomplished with Each Niche Site

Niche Site #1

This is my main niche site. I have a feeling I may reach my goal with this site alone, based off the facts it was launched in July of 2013, and has been growing and doing well. In January I added 3 new 800 – 1000 word product reviews on my site.  This is where I’ll spend most of my time in February. If adding more content has a direct effect of more traffic and more earnings, I may end up focusing most of my time on this as long as it keeps growing. I’m looking for my fastest way to $600 a month as possible. Although my goal is to do it in 5 months, the quicker the better!

Next month on Niche Site #1 I’m going to focus on adding content, more product reviews. I’m not doing any backlinking because I’m ranking between 1 and 3 for my main keyword I’m targeting, getting lots of longtail traffic,  and I think my site has enough authority now to rank well for more longtails just by adding keyword optimized content. I’m hoping to add 15 new reviews to this site.

Niche Site #2

Since this site was just launched the first week of January, it didn’t get much traffic and there’s not much to say about it. It’s starting to rank for a few longtail keywords on it’s own. Now that this site is live with about 12 pages of content, a unique buyer’s guide I developed, and it’s a month old, it’s time I start backlinking it and see if I can get it ranking at all for my main keyword and more longtails.

Next month on Niche Site #2 I’m going to create manual backlinks. I’m already in this space with another site, so I have a good idea where I can get a lot of good backlinks for this site. I’m not going to go crazy but I’d like to get links from at least 15 different domains

Niche Site #3

Niche Site #3 was created this January. I got the idea from a website auction on Flippa for a site in the same niche that had proven Amazon earnings. I checked out the search results for the keyword the site targeted and realized that there were low quality sites with spammy links ranking on page one! If they could do that, then I can create a much better website and rank well too. Of course there were other considerations as well. So I set up a modified free theme I found online and added 5 solid pages with at least 800 – 1200 word original articles written by me. The site didn’t get any traffic in January but once again, I expected this since the site is brand new and I’ve only gotten 2 or 3 backlinks so far.

Next month on Niche Site #3 I’m going to create more manual backlinks. My goal is to see if I can get this site ranking and then judge if it’s worth putting a lot more time into. Especially when Niche Site #1 is doing so well and growing fast, I have to consider my limited time and do what will have the largest impact in reaching my goal.

Niche Site #4

Niche Site #4 is the exact same story as Site #3. I even cloned the WordPress theme from #3, added all different content, changed the color scheme, made a few other minor css changes, and had the site up with 6 pieces of original content within 2 days. I’ve built a lot of websites so I can get something decent up fast when I [put my mind to it.

Next month on Niche Site #4 I’m going to create more manual backlinks. Same story as Site #3. Rank it, test it, put in more effort only if it’s worth it.


So January was off to a solid start. Three brand new sites are up with 26 NEW pieces of original content added to them. I got a few backlinks created for sites #2, #3, & #4, and site #1 is going as strong as ever and growing quickly.

In February I will be focusing on adding more original articles and product reviews to Niche Site #1, and creating backlinks for sites #2, #3, & #4. I’m expecting a higher revenue from Site #1, and hopefully I can start getting a bit of traffic to sites 2-4, maybe even make a single commission on either site.

Earnings for 2014 and Reaching My Goal of $600/ month Revenue by May 31, 2014

Month Niche Site #1 Niche Site #2 Niche Site #3 Niche Site #4 Total Revenue
January  $104.99 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $104.99


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    Good going, Dave!
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    Thanks for sharing.


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