The Ultimate Azon WordPress Theme is Finally Here!

Well hello again! It’s been quite some time since my last post, but it’s only because I’ve been working non-stop on my first product launch! Sometimes it seemed like it would never be done, but after five long months of designing, developing, testing, and setting up the entire sales & support infrastructure …

The Ultimate Azon WordPress Theme is here!

The Back Story

Way back in prehistoric internet times (January of 2014), I started writing a lot about my latest successful niche website and my progress. A lot of you started following along with my journey and it was awesome!

Through this case study, I attracted the attention of a few more well know IM’ers, and started talking with them back and forth. After showing a couple of my trusted colleagues my website that I was writing about and it’s custom WordPress theme, a few of them started asking me if my theme was one that they could just install and use for themselves.

Unfortunately, the theme had a lot of heavy custom development on the backend management side of the site, and couldn’t be easily used by another person unless you had advanced WordPress development skills. I had to tell them no.

This got me thinking though. If these experienced internet marketer’s were interested in using my theme, there is probably a lot more of you out there who could benefit from the advanced product review management and ease of use that I had built into the theme for myself.

I had two options … either be greedy and keep my winning theme to myself, or turn it into a WordPress theme that anybody could install and use right out of the box.

I knew what I had to do … and I’m not a greedy person …

And so it began.

In June of 2014 I started designing and developing my new Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme. It was such a huge project for just one person to undertake that sometimes I would question myself if I would ever get it done. It was difficult to do in just my spare time. A HUGE THANKS to my awesome wife Loree who encouraged me to keep working on it and was willing to sacrifice much of our time together so I could complete it and get it out there for you to use.

Thanks baby!

It’s been a long and sometimes difficult road, but it’s finally ready for you to use!

The Theme

Demo Site:

Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme

Theme Features

The theme has a robust feature set that will make your website clean, mobile friendly, unique, and extremely easy to manage on the back end. Let’s take a look at some of the main features.

Extensive Options Panels

There are over 70 different style settings that you can control including all font sizes/colors/font families, background images for the header and body, upload your own logo or use a stylized Google Font logo, and much more.

Preset Theme Settings & Styles

In order to make setting up your website as easy and fast as possible, I’ve provided various “presets” so you can make your site look good at the click of a button, then adjust only what you want to from there.

Save Your Own Preset Theme Styles

So you’ve got your site styles exactly how you want them, but are interested in trying something else out, but you don’t want to lose your current styles. No worries, you can save your own presets so you can easily restore them with a click of your mouse!

Free Background Images

I’ve added a bunch of background images that you can use at no extra charge, or you can upload your own.

EasyAzon Integration

If you’re a fan of the EasyAzon plugin, never fear because the Ultimate Azon WordPress theme works great in conjunction with the plugin. I actually recommend using the two together.

Custom Review Post Type

One problem with WordPress is often separating your product review posts with your regular blog posts. With the Ultimate Azon Theme, you can name your product and the theme will automatically create a new post type using your name, so all of your product reviews will have their own archive and be separate form your blog posts.

Zoomable Main Product Image

How many of your sites have a main product image that you can hover your mouse over to get an up close zoomed in view? Well now all of your sites can have this. For the main product image, you can either set it to zoom in on mouse hover, link to your affiliate link, or be just a plain static image.

Create Custom Product Specifications

One of the powerful time saving customization options is to create your own product specifications. Once you create them, you can then fill out their values every time you create a new review. These then get displayed at the top of your single review post, and get automatically pulled into the sortable product comparison tables built right into the site. (I have plans for more product comparison features as well!)

Two Supporting Product Review Post Types

Along with the main product type, you can set up two related product types. These types are similar to regular blog posts, you can’t add custom product specs or anything, but they will have their own index and be kept separate from your blog.articles archives.

Custom “Brand” Post Type

The final custom post type is to add brand pages. Upload their logo or a different photo, add the website url, and have an archive of the brands that you promote.

Easy-Build Product Sliders & Sortable Comparison Table

These are the goods here. After you add product reviews to your website, you can create as many different product sliders and sortable comparison tables as you want, and embed them in any page or post as you see fit. All you have to do is give the slider/table a name, choose which reviews you want to add to it form a dropdown list, publish, embed in a page via shortcode generator, and your done.

Fast. Easy. Period.

Built In SEO Options

I’ve included very basic SEO options, including a custom meta title, custom meta description, and nofollow/noindex options on a page by page basis. You can either use the built in SEO options, or turn them off so you can use the SEO plugin of your choice if you require a more robust SEO solution.

Google Tag Manager Integration

Ever hear of the Google Tag Manager? Well the cat’s out of the bag. That’s one of my secret weapons that most of you probably don’t even know about! By integrating the theme with the Google Tag Manger, you can easily add your Google Analytics tracking code and do lot of other cool things with it.

Advanced Link Tracking System

The advanced link tracking system in place within the theme ties into your Google Tag Manager account, and lets you pull in detailed data about exactly what links are being clicked and what are not, right within your Google Analytics Dashboard. Powerful stuff here for CTR optimization. Details of how to set this up with the theme and Tag Manager are located within the members only section.

Built In Amazon Link Localization

Responsive Layout & Design

Multiple Sidebar Areas

Members Only Area

I have a members only section set up where you can find the private support forum, additional documentation, and special tutorials and resources for members only.

How Can You Get a Copy?

If you’re interested in getting yourself a copy of the theme, head on over to and check it out in more detail.

I hope to see you in the members only section!

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