What’s Your Master Plan for 2016? Here’s My Top Secret Plan …

Ahh 2015 …. here and gone in a flash…

Blows my mind.

2015 Recap – Real Quick-Like

Time to reflect briefly on 2015 and dive full throttle into 2016! I’m not gonna bore you reflecting on all the little details of my own past year, but here is the summary.

2015 for me was the year I took my own online business to a new level. I entered 2015 making about $200-$300 a month … and exited 2015 making $1,500 – $2,250 a month. Not bad growth for one year.

2015 was the year I really started focusing my efforts, it was my first full year or selling my own product (UAT), and I got my second product on the market, WP ComPEAR.

As I’m sure everybody experiences, there were a lot of growing pains associated with my growth, but I overcame all of them, persevered, and I’m still here.

So over the past 12 months, I’ve let my own niche sites slip away in the rankings due to the development, support, and sales of my WordPress theme and Plugin. This was a conscious decision though and has resulted in my online income growing faster than ever.

That being said, I don’t really want to let me niche sites go like this … but I have no other choice. Even if I wanted to hire a VA to help with that stuff (I will eventually), right now I just don’t have the time or money to do it.

So what’s my overall goal for 2016?

My main goal is to get to a level of online income I would be able to quit my day job and focus 100% on my theme, plugin, and my own niche sites.

I feel like I’m facing the hardest part of my journey to being a full time internet marketer right now. What’s so hard is growing form $2000/month to $6000/month, in my spare time. It’s really really hard.

Once I go full time on all of this though … look out because I will be devoting 50 hours a week to growing my own business and helping others succeed – instead of 5 – 10 hours of my spare time a week (my current work amount).

I’ve been exploring the world of internet marketing for a few years now and I’ve really gotten to know what I like, what I don’t, what works for me, and what doesn’t.

Here is a few things I’ve come to realize for myself.


Focus is one of the most important elements of success. It is what has helped my grow form a few hundred to a few thousand dollars of revenue a month.

Websites that Generate Advertising Income – Not for Me

I am not interested in building sites that earn advertising revenue (AdSense, Banner ads, etc).

Why? because it is such a competitive game and requires you to be cranking out content all the time. If you stop cranking out content? You start losing earnings. I personally don’t want that big of a commitment. You might say I could hire VA’s to do everything and just manage them – but that’s a whole new game to learn and stay on top of that I’m not interested in at this time.

Selling My Own Digital Products

Right now this is where I want 90% of my online business to involve. There are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, I OWN something that can be sold over and over and over and over …

Second – by doing this I can helps hundreds and possibly thousands of other people make more money online. As those who know me well can attest, I absolutely LOVE helping others succeed at making money online. I truly care about my customers and all of our success.

I get so excited when I get an email from somebody telling my Ultimate Azon Theme has tripled their CTR and earnings overnight – it drives me to keep going.

Amazon Affiliate Websites

So this is the area where I found my first real success online, and what spawned into Ultimate Azon Theme and WP ComPEAR over time. This is also the part of my business that has suffered a slow painful sickness (loss of rankings and earnings) over time, due to my lack of time.

Basically, I don’t plan on doing much with my own niche sites until after I go full time. I plan on these being an important part of my online business in the future – but for now I’m letting my sites lurk in the shadows while I focus on my own products and selling/supporting them.

Also when I do get back into working on my Amazon niche sites, I’ll be focusing on my best two sites only and growing them into powerhouse sites. Sites that totally dominate their niches. I don’t want to leave any doubt in my visitor’s minds that my sites are the BEST in the niches. Quality, quality, uniqueness, and more quality.

I’m done with small niche sites that will be all but disappeared in 2 years when I can’t keep up with them. I’m done with that. I’ve already wasted too much time on small niche sites about products I don’t really care about.

What I Won’t Be Doing in 2016

  • I won’t be: Building advertising revenue sites.
  • I won’t be: Backlinking my own sites. Yep, I no longer create backlinks or worry about it. If my sites and content are not good enough to get them naturally, I need to up my game. (although I may do an outreach program someday)
  • I won’t be: working on new projects . I already have enough now to get me earning a full time living online for myself, I just need to focus on growing them.
  • I won’t be: worrying about my rankings or SEO.
  • I won’t be: wasting my time chasing the latest “big thing”

What I Vow To Be Doing in 2016

  • I will be: using the default WordPress for now on on davenicosia.com.
  • I will be: building a stable reliable business instead of playing around with small sites that will disappear after a few years
  • I will be: Breaking down my main goal into smaller goals, breaking those down into actionable steps, and making progress small step by small step until I reach my larger goals
  • I will be: supporting my two products, Ultimate Azon Theme and WP ComPEAR
  • I will be: focusing on attracting and helping my affiliates so we can all make more money
  • I will be: answering questions and helping you succeed however I can.
  • I will be: taking me monthly earnings to a full time level by the end of the year.
  • I will be: abandoning my outdated websites and tactics
  • I will be: deleting all of my under performing websites. Even ones making a bit of $$$. Too bad, so sad.
  • I will be: working harder than you and smarter than you. (You should vow this too!)
  • I will be: implementing new plugins and technologies to further my current website’s success.
  • I will be: keeping an eye to the future … things are changing faster than ever and I need to stay on top of it.
  • I will be: FOCUSing as much as I can

What I Don’t Know What To Do About in 2016 …

I don’t know what to do about davenicosia.com. This blog right here. It played an essential role in getting myself know a bit in the IM world, but it’s been too hard for me to keep up on. That mixed with the fact that I’m targeted by hackers every single day and have had my site hacked over and over, well I’m just getting sick of it. LEAVE ME ALONE!

First off, I would love to hear your opinions in the comments about what you would like to see from me on this blog.

What I’m thinking about doing is making it more resource heavy. Maybe I’ll publish 4 HUGE valuable posts a year and offer links to all of my favorite resources.

Maybe I’ll tap into my professional web development skills and provide you with free clones of a fully set up WordPress site template (plugins, settings, and all).

Maybe I’ll tweak things to attract more affiliates for my products too, I just don’t know.

All I know is I won’t have a lot of time to work on davenicosia.com until after I go full time – but I still want to update it and offer killer value.

UPDATE: My brother wants to set up his own income making website so I will be making it a public case study as I guide him! I have a completely different approach I’m going to try than anything I’ve ever seen before, so we’ll see how that goes!

Happy New Year 2016!

My new year’s wish if for YOU to absolutely CRUSH IT in 2016. Get started now! I want to see you succeed along with me. This is my year to go BIG, take everything I learned, and get to a full time level. It doesn’t mean I’m going to quit my day job, but I want a level of online income that I could if I wanted to.

Please leave me a comment and tell me what your plans for 2016 are, and let me know what you want from me!


I also have a new top secret series of products in the planning stage (a bunch of free ones too) I plan on releasing them after I go full time with my online business. Oh I can’t wait ….

P.P.S. A Look to the Future…

As a professional web developer who works for a high end web agency, I can see the future. I have to keep up on web trends and the latest technologies.

There’s a revolution happening right now and most of you are going to be left in the dust if you do not keep up.

Long gone are the days of tossing up a one page site, throwing some paid ads at it, and watching the riches roll in.

I believe that the days of small affiliate niche sites are coming to an end and only the biggest and best will survive. As the giants in your niche grow, and Google gets better and better at serving it’s users the results they want, most sites are going to fall into the cyber-abyss as the winners step on their heads to elevate themselves even higher.

Your site needs to be BIGGER. It needs to be BETTER. It needs to offer something UNIQUE. It needs to be a REAL BUSINESS. If you want it to survive the upcoming storm that is.

It won’t hit suddenly, but it’s coming.

In ten years, how many of the thousands of small niche websites out there today will still be around and earning? I guarantee you, only the best of them, and that won’t be many. Only those willing to do what it takes to be better will climb above the wreckage of abandoned small niche sites thrown up with haste – not with love.

Answer this. What are you in this for, really?

If you are looking to build a full time income for yourself online, you better stop messing around playing with little niche sites. Build a REAL BUSINESS and GROW IT.

Major success in this industry is about GROWTH. It’s about taking small steps over and over until they grow into something huge. Not just chasing the latest trends or tactics.

It’s coming.

Where do you stand? With me or with the people who’s sites will get dominated by those like me.

Then again, if you are just in it to make a few extra dollars for you and your family … tossing up some smaller niche sites that will die out in a year or two when you lose interest may be just what you need.



8 comments on “What’s Your Master Plan for 2016? Here’s My Top Secret Plan …

  1. Harry on

    Hi Dave, I couldn’t agree more. The fact of the matter nowadays is to treat any online venture like the business it really is.

    Ib don’t think there is such a thing as easy money online anymore, and I certainly think passive income is a myth.

    Creating an online business gives you flexibility, but it is still a lot of work.

    However as some guy said once: “If you love your job; you’ll never work a day in your life”.

    • Dave on

      I definitely think that SEMI-passive income is real, but not completely passive income. SO when I say I am earning passive income, I mean that I’m not trading my hours for a set wage. My income comes in “passively” as I sit on the couch or sleep for the night – but obviously I have to work to get that to happen in the first place, and to keep it going!

      Thanks for the comment Harry!

  2. Nikolas on

    Hi Dave. I think you should install some plugins against those hackers, like “limited login” or smth like this. Thank you for congratulations to the new year (it’s a gold monkey?!).

    • Dave on

      Hi Nikolas, thanks for stopping by! I definitely did take action and I have not had any problems in a long time. Whew!

  3. Ryan Ellis on

    Dude, your Azon theme is everything you could want for a product review site… it’s like you went into my mind and plucked out all the things us CODING MARKETERS need from wordpress.

    Sure, many people have “marketing” features included. But you have CODING features included. Just hop into your amazingly simply designed theme structure and tweak image sizes, layouts, iframes, WHATEVER.

    You understand WordPress under the hood, and you understand marketing. Combine the two… you have superhuman potential.

    Much love brother. Thanks for making my niche site an absolute breeze.

    It took a few hours to get the skeleton setup for products on desktop / mobile, and a majority of the time it was messing with amazon product review iframe issues on mobile. I digress.

    One more time, I appreciate your work. Hope your May the 4th sale goes great!

    • Dave on

      Thanks so much Ryan! You’re absolutely welcome! If you think UAT is very developer friendly – just wait until you see what I have in store for later this summer!

      Your kind words mean a lot to me.

  4. qnyblog on

    Hi,Dave Nicosia,ultimateazontheme and wpcompear are both very good,i want to know if they both automatically update price from Amazon using product advertising API? thank you

    • Dave on

      Hello. Ultimate Azon Theme and WP ComPEAR do not connect to the Amazon API so they do not update the price automatically.

      I do have a new extension about to be released for my new framework called “Income Galaxy”. This extensions is called the Product Review Pro. It is an amazon affiliate wordPress plugin that will connect to the Amazon Affiliate API and pulls all or some of the information automatically. This will auto update the price as well.

      The Product Review Pro plugin will be available December 1, 2016 at https://incomegalaxy.com


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