Global Press is on a mission to help provide the world with ethical accurate news produced by local female journalists. These journalists cover important news in some of the world’s least covered places.

I worked closely with Global Press to create an award winning News Website viewed by people across the world.

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Building Global Press Journal

I worked extensively with Global Press Journal while working at the Vibethink Agency in Charlottesville, VA. I was the lead developer on this websitefrom 2015 through 2021.

Over those 6 years we took the website through many business models, designs, advanced functionality changes, and iterations – adapting to their fast changing business goals.

Global Press Journal was built on WordPress with a high-end custom theme.

This project had a very strong focus on creating different custom post types, custom fields, and custom post queries to accomplish their publishing needs.Lots of custom templates were needed to display each of the post types and their unique custom field data in a unique way.

Part of a Larger Ecosystem

Global Press Journal didn’t operate alone. It was a major part of a larger vision that included other websites relevant to their mission such as the Global Press News Service and the Global Press Institute.

We had to make sure that the branding and messaging were consistent across all of the websites.

There was also some advanced Ecommerce integration that was automated between two of the websites. This was one of our biggest technical challenges.

Advanced WooCommerce Integration

The Journal was also connected to the News Service to automatically publish WooCommerce Product Packages that included all of the assets from a news story that was published on Global Press Journal.

All of the product files and settings were added to the news story within the Journal admin. Then when a story was published or updated, our code made a remote call to the the News Service with all of the product information, and sent it via Json along with zip folders containing hi-resolution images for the WooCommerce product downloads.